Cowards - Solitude

Though this EP is about 2 years old, I was just reminded of what a great record this is.  Cowards are from Duluth, Minnesota and play a style of hardcore with a good deal of twists and turns while still keeping an introspective melody.

I'm partial to the production here as it has just enough grit to translate a raw sound without the pitfalls of anything getting lost.  Crushing bass tone and mid gain bright guitars shine over some busy drums and deep throaty vocal lies just beneath the whole thing.  Think Ampere or Envy mixed with something a bit heavier. 

This EP mixes things up well, providing us with two short songs and two songs of a more epic scale.  Both formats work out pretty well for the band as they seem to execute both with ease. The longer songs will provide some slower moments that carry a drawn out jam quality to them at times while the shorter tracks are more fast paced with part after part firing away.  A good listen for anyone interested in bands like Ampere, Itto, For Want Of, etc.

Have a listen here.