Go Deep - Counseling

I'm usually not a fan of this 80's style hardcore, but the way this band pulls it off really sounds unique to me.  The vocals, especially, have a very nice projection to them in the way that they fall over the music. The lyrical presentation has a very honest theme to it which appeals to me as well.

When Go Deep is all out fast they seem to have that sound that stradles the border of punk and hardcore due to the guitar voicing (see the beginning of "Enthusiast" for the best example). Songs like "Elders", "Bundle of Joy" and "Enthusiast" also feature some nice modern breakdowns that are very well executed and never sound forced.

The band doesn't present anything all that new, and to be honest some of the faster drum work can sound a little sloppy at times, but the complete package works for me. 

Listen to it here.