Hollow Earth - We Are Not Humanity

Hollow Earth are from Detroit, Michigan and we have here what seems to be a bit of a concept album that lyrically focuses on the problem of humanity taking more than we need.  Each song seems to very eloquently address an aspect of authoritarianism, oppression and cultural destruction.  The lyrics are well written and flow well within the body of the song, never coming off as forced or unfitting. 

Musically Hollw Earth brings you heavy hardcore that reminds me of bands like Morning Again, Culture, Indecision and Run With The Hunted.  There's definitely a nice 90's influence here, but with an updated twist of modern production and approach. The vocals bounce between a powerful scream and delibrate speaking. The guitars carry a high gain sound that punches through with clarity over the large drum production..

I can't help but comment on how well I feel these songs are put together.  It seems though there is a lot of attention to detail here where the flow of the songs and the musicianship were bonded and blended perfectly.

Listen to the whole thing here.