Kids - S/T

Kids come to us from Pennsylvania and play a fast, angry style of hardcore that incorporates a great deal of noise and some nice variation to spice things up. On average you're seeing songs clock in at under a minute, with a few going past that. The short bursts of 30 second aggression are well done and even fit in some nice transitions while the longer songs take a bit more time to stretch out, breathe, and show you a bit more of the band's musical canon. 

The production is very dirty and grity, but it adds to the bands overall presentation well. The guitars are distorted and noise ridden, while the vocals (which seem to be done by multiple people) maintain an angry and desperate scream. Lyrically, the band is pretty up front about how they feel.  These are prose that forgoe the abstract and go straight for a "matter of fact" approach that seems to mainly translate anger and despair.

While I'm all for d-beats and blast beats, the distinguishing characterists that Kids brings to the table is their seemless incorporation of different tempos and approaches in addition to the usual suspects.  They keep things interesting in a way that a lot of bands of this style seem to miss. "Mertle Beach...Murder Beach" was the standout track for me for it's discordant interlude.  I'll have the chance to see this band live next week and I'm pretty interested.

Have a listen here.