Stockholm - Crawl

Stockholm is from Atlanta, Georgia and play a slightly mature version of pop punk that at first reminded me of a band like Lifetime. After the first track though the band slows things down and carry a more mid tempo power pop feel.

The production has a bit of an unpolished feel, but still comes across extremely clear.  There seems to be two vocalists trading off, both with having a pretty clean melodic voice, but avoiding any nazzle twang that this music is sometimes prone to. The guitars have a nice sound that seem to compliment each other.

"Crawl" opens the record off and is a bit deceiving due to it's fast pace.  The three tracks after remain in more of a mid tempo neighborhood, delivering something like later Get Up Kids.  They return back to their fast pop punk signature on their last track "Lost Cause".  If you find yourself a fan of the 90's emo bands like The Get Up Kids, Texas Is The Reason, etc, then you'll probably find Stockhom to work pretty well for your tastes.

Check it out here.