Host / KYOTY - split 7"

Host comes at us at full speed with a brutal assault of d-beat influence hardcore that still maintains it's melodic edge.  The production here lends itself to display the band's heavy sound very well.  With crushing vocals and interesting guitar leads, these songs definitely stand out well and distinguish themselves clearly. There's nice mix of tempos here and the songs move like a well oiled machine.  There's just about something for everyone in this as it takes from a wide pool of different styles to put together something all it's own. 

KYOTY provides one five minute track of instrumental heaviness that has me thinking of a mix between bands like Russian Circles and Pelican.  There's an ambient element to it at times, and I must admit I prefer when this band is taking more of a Sabbath-influence approach with their single note heaviness as opposed to the soaked delay pedal activity.

Listen to the Host side here