Plastic Cross - Grayscale Rainbows

Plastic Cross features some members spanning through a history of New Jersey Hardcore (The Scarlet Letter, The Degenerics, Doc Hopper) and deliver nothing short of what you'd expect from this batch of seasoned veterans.

You can certainly hear elements of all those past bands within these compositions,though, the formula takes on a new shape with some interesting melodic singing, noodly guitar work and carefully calculated stops that come out of nowhere. Just about every song of the sixteen tracks here carries a run time just around one minute (with the exception of "Future Science" and "Dead Can't Dance"), though a plethora of twists and turns are found within a very short time.

Based on the song titles and what I can make out of the lyrics I am pretty interested to get a lyric sheet for this.  With song titles like "Totalitarian Eclipse of the Heart" and "Philosophy Student Action Figure" my curiosity is peaked.