Pray For Teeth - Demo

Pray For Teeth is from Pittsburgh and has a dark hardcore sound that can remind me of His Hero is Gone at times.  They create a very hard hitting composition that communicates a good deal of doom and gloom, while still staying upbeat and exciting. 

The production on a whole keeps things pretty dark, as the higher end brightness is pretty absent.  Though, it seems to work, not sounding muddy or overly bass heavy.  The high gain guitars rage over top of some very pummeling drums, as the vocals stay in the lower register of the things, belting out a sustained growl.

The band mixes up tempos and drum work which keeps the listener on their toes (check out "Hive" for a good example of how seamlessly this band can change things up).  You get some classic d-beat here, but you also get a nice variety of mid tempo, slow and even some sludgy moments.   "Puritan Eyes" seems to be the Opus, coming in at 7:27 sitting mainly in a slow and epic presentation with use of delay on the guitar. 

Have a listen here.