Woodwork - S/T

Woodwork is a new band from Toulouse, France, though, they sound more like they would fit right in back in 1993 in the United States.  The sound here is very much inspired by 90's hardcore.  At times I'm getting a strong 108 "Holyname-era" vibe mixed with a later Unbroken sound.  Subject matter here keeps in the political realm focusing on issues of political and social oppression. Lyrics and explanations to the songs are both provided giving the listener some further insight into the band's perspective.

Woodwork provides a pretty nice representation with these four songs, letting the listener know what they're all about both musically and lyrically.  The tempos and music change up on a regular basis, not harping to much on any one part. Things never get stagnant as these guys run through some pretty tightly written songs.

The production is a little rough and even reminds me a bit of some of those old sub par recordings of the 90s, though not nearly as badly produced as any Chokehold material. 

Have a listen here.