Deep Heat - Low Lights

We're playing a show on Sunday with Deep Heat and I thought it would be a good to check them out prior to the show.  I'm very happy that I decided to do this because, as I've discovered, Deep Heat are pretty nice on the ears.

There's an early 80's pop feel going on here that reminds me of Joy Division at times, though, not in any sort of copycat manner.  I suppose a comparison to a modern day band like La Corde wouldn't be out of order here.

These songs contain catchy melodies with an upbeat tempo. You'll find these tracks are laced with beautiful, rich clean guitars that seem to overlap and create some nice texture.  There's a dark feel to them that I love, as a band like this never gets happy or poppy, but remains gloomy in their upbeat composition.

The vocals alternate between male and female, though, keep a nice consistency while adding some nice dimension to the formula.  Pretty excited to see this live.

Check it out here