Disobey - S/T

Back in January I reviewed Disobey's debut called "Human Suffering in Five Movements".  Since then the band has been playing quite a bit and writing new material.  This self titled effort is comprised of three songs that carry the same Tragedy influence as their first release, though their dark hardcore sound seems to be developing it's own characteristics as the band matures away from being just another d-beat clone act.

The production on these songs is pretty large, presenting the band with a hard hitting sound.  The vocals are a little louder than I'd prefer, but I'm not too bothered by it. There's a great mix here of slower parts that groove nicely.  The opening bass line of "Use" lays down the groundwork for a nice 70's metal style jam before the song picks up. 

With addition of some nice melodic guitar leads and dynamic pauses, these songs carry a good deal of variation and movement that never gets stale.  With a great live show to back it up, I would recommend checking this band out when they come your way.

Check it out here.