Lurker - split 7" with the Flops

This is a split, though, I could only find this Lurker side online so I'm going to ahead and review this because I find totally interesting.  Lurker is all over the map musically.  They throw anything from technical metal, to blast beats (see "Pinched Nerve") to 80's punk (see "Dumb Drunk Dialogue") at you.  Somehow this is all blend pretty well and never comes off as sounding forced.

The vocals come out of nowhere with a high pitched cadence that have a very "matter of fact" delivery to them.  These vocals are very distinct, a definite gamble that pays off.

The production could use some cleaning up, but it never interferes with the listener's ability make out what's happening. My least favorite track was "Diet of Worms" here which hangs a bit too much in the 80's punk neighborhood without any variation.  Other than that, you get some pretty distinctive work. 

Have a listen here.