Not The Bees! - Another Hour To Burn

Not The Bees! returns with a new set of songs that seems to take the sound of their first release and refine all the loose ends. If you're not familiar, Not The Bees! is a band from New Jersey that reminds of what would happen if the older material of both Hot Water Music and Saves The Day had a baby....and maybe throw in a small dose of Gaslight Anthem for good measure.

At times you'll hear the band strumming big open chords, leaning more to the rock n' roll side of things.  Other times, like on a tracks like "Stay Indoors" or "Maiden America" you'll hear more single note action coupled with sharp start/stop strumming patterns that seem to follow more of the traditional pop punk tricks. They mix it up nice in this regard, as nothing ever gets too predictable.

The gruff vocals on here are what capture that Hot Water Music flag for me, and personally I enjoy the way that they're executed here. Five tracks of some catchy stuff, for sure.   

Have a listen here.