Sixteen - 3 Songs

I'm always a fan of bands using a configuration that is less than orthodox, such as with Sixteen, which consists of just guitar and drums.  For some bands this can result in sounding empty and uneventful, but for a band like Sixteen it sounds pretty damn good.  You may think this is just another "twinkle daddy" band, but I find Sixteen rising above the classic perception of bands in that genre with something a bit more distinct.

The fact that this guy can really play guitar, using a nice combination of pull offs, scales and open chords to create a canvas that works both the the melody and harmony at the same time, is really a selling point.  There seems to be a trading off of vocal duties as well which keeps things moving and varied.

"Michael Palledorous" was the standout track to me as it launches into an upbeat frenzy of anger and love gone bad.  I'd love to get the chance to see these gentlemen pulls this off in a live setting.

Have a listen here.