Heemeyer - S/T

Heemeyer come to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma and play a dark and aggressive form of hardcore that incorporates a little bit everything.  It's a nice mix of technical playing swirled about with heavy attention to maintaining a hard hitting sense. 

The production is a bit bass heavy, but seems to work in the favor of the band to emphasize a more pummeling sound.  The opening track "Misery On Hoof" will give you a good representation of what this band can do as it lands in influences that seem to incorporate Tragedy, Takaru, Botch and perhaps a bit of Majority Rule.

The throaty vocals never let up as the scream above some reverb heavy snare drum.  The bass and guitar seem to lock in perfectly with an extremely dirty tone that sacrafices a bit of clarity in favor of chaos.

"Turn In/Tune Out" was the standout track for me as it's extremely well executed breakdown around 1:30 just had had my head moving uncontrollably.  "Rung by Rung" follows suit incorporating some of the same scooping rhythms to create that fast moving feel. All in all, this is a pleasant surprise and a record that I'll be definitely replaying for the next few weeks. 

Have a listen here.