We Were Skeletons - Blaming and Aging

I've been privy to the live experience that We Were Skeletons has to offer and have always been impressed with their musicianship and song structure.  On "Blaming and Aging" you'll hear some of the band's trademark chaos, however, there's a large turn into the Hoover/Four Hundred Years neighborhood on many of these tracks. 

I find the infusion of this style to be executed quite well and brings in a distinguishing characteristic and reminds me somewhat of the first time I heard the early works of Engine Down. Strained vocals, discordant guitar and playful drums make up the large backbone of the record.

Most of these tracks take on an epic proportion, some breaking the five minute mark.  There's a lot of play between quiet and loud dynamics here that bring the listener on a nice rollercoaster ride while emphasizing the long journey you feel as a some of the parts develop over the course of the song. The production is pretty spot on for what this band is going for and I doubt you'll have any complaints about the ability to hear each instrument perfectly. 

Have a listen here.