Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sea Of Storms - Demo

Before I begin this review I would just like to ask bands to stop using this Black Flag logo.  Please.  Just stop. 

Sea of Storms is from Richmond, Virginia.  They play a pretty upbeat brand of what one would probably called post-rock, I suppose.  At times I'm getting a vibe similar to bands like Quicksand and Statue, though when things start rocking in the upbeat sort of way there's a bit of Planes Mistaken for Stars/Samiam influence coming out. 

The vocals go from a quivery melody to commanding yells that demand your attention and nail down some urgency.  Musically no one is straying too far from the pack.  They are playing as a team here, no one is breaking off and coming out on the forefront.  Instead you just get a machine where are all the parts seem to work in harmony.

The production is pretty clear and you have no problems making out the instrumentation.  I can picture this band probably being able to replicate this offering in a live setting without a problem.  Featuring ex-members of Wow Owls and Mouthbreather.  Check it out here.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cowboy Boys - Planet Mexico

Cowboys is a new band from Philadelphia that displays a heavy sound which seems to be influenced by Botch, Breather Resist and bands of the like.

I'm impressed by how the songs flow and maintain their intensity.  All the instrumentation is locked in well and the desperately shouted vocals are like icing on the cake.

Distorted bass, frantic drums, and guitars that range from pummeling to blistering highs.  It's a nice formula that comes together without sounding forced at all. There's a nice rawness happening here that I enjoy in bands like this.

My only gripe here is that the production quality is a little muddy.  It doesn't make the song structure and talent any less impressive, however I'm probably missing some nice intricacies in the music.  I'm definitely excited to see this in a live setting.  

Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blistered - Reject Their Shame

Blistered is from Tampa, Florida. There's a definite similarity to the South Florida classics like Culture and Morning Again here.  If you close your eyes you may think it's 1995 when you're listening to this.  I like to imagine everyone in this band wearing XL shirts and camo shorts, but that's probably not the case.

This is extremely well executed in fostering a very particular sound.  All the ingredients for making the perfect "90's metalcore stew"  are here; chugging guitar, sleek bass, vocals that span from spoken to's all there.

No lyrics are available on the bandcamp page, but my interest is peaked to search them out.  The production has a bit of rawness to it, but nothing to be upset about. I'm definitely interested in future listens.

Check it out here.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Braille - S/T

Braille is a hardcore band from Philadelphia that displays a noisy, blown out sound. I actually started to feel a little bit of an early 90's Ebullition records vibe partially attributed to the melodic nature of the guitar and commanding vocals.  There's lots of spots on here where the vocals take a break and let the music speak for itself. 

"Illegal Zoo" was by my favorite track of the four. It has a dark melodic tone that gives way to a classic upbeat riff.  The contrast is great and works quite well.

The production does a great job of translating a noisy soundscape that attacks you in that "in your face" sort of way that this music should. 

Have a listen here.