Cowboy Boys - Planet Mexico

Cowboys is a new band from Philadelphia that displays a heavy sound which seems to be influenced by Botch, Breather Resist and bands of the like.

I'm impressed by how the songs flow and maintain their intensity.  All the instrumentation is locked in well and the desperately shouted vocals are like icing on the cake.

Distorted bass, frantic drums, and guitars that range from pummeling to blistering highs.  It's a nice formula that comes together without sounding forced at all. There's a nice rawness happening here that I enjoy in bands like this.

My only gripe here is that the production quality is a little muddy.  It doesn't make the song structure and talent any less impressive, however I'm probably missing some nice intricacies in the music.  I'm definitely excited to see this in a live setting.  

Check it out here.