Sea Of Storms - Demo

Before I begin this review I would just like to ask bands to stop using this Black Flag logo.  Please.  Just stop. 

Sea of Storms is from Richmond, Virginia.  They play a pretty upbeat brand of what one would probably called post-rock, I suppose.  At times I'm getting a vibe similar to bands like Quicksand and Statue, though when things start rocking in the upbeat sort of way there's a bit of Planes Mistaken for Stars/Samiam influence coming out. 

The vocals go from a quivery melody to commanding yells that demand your attention and nail down some urgency.  Musically no one is straying too far from the pack.  They are playing as a team here, no one is breaking off and coming out on the forefront.  Instead you just get a machine where are all the parts seem to work in harmony.

The production is pretty clear and you have no problems making out the instrumentation.  I can picture this band probably being able to replicate this offering in a live setting without a problem.  Featuring ex-members of Wow Owls and Mouthbreather.  Check it out here.