Kids - Henley

I haven't posted in a while and I apologize for my lack of action here.  I heard these two songs from Kids today and they reminded me of why I started writing about and sharing music on this blog in the first place. 

Kids are from Northeastern Pennsylvania and play a brand of hardcore that varies in influences but comes off powerful and natural.  There's an urgency to this music that I love to hear.  Songs can range from slow and melodic to thrashing in just seconds.  The vocals maintain and intense scream throughout. 

I find myself hearing a dark hardcore sound consistent in the presentation, even when the song structure and style changes.  For instance, the first song, "Superman" will bring you through a barrage of twists and turns with slow melodies, blast beats, mid tempo stomps and finally, an upbeat dancing rhythm.  The second track "Johnny Red Rides Forever" is more to the point with a shorter run time and less variation.  I'm pretty impressed by what this amounts to.  Hopefully we'll more from them soon!

Check it out here.