Grower - s/t

Grower is a pissed off hardcore band from Philadelphia that has a rough around the edges sound.  The production quality here is sort of minimal, but at the same time it adds a bit of charm to the sound that they have. 

There's nothing new or innovative here but the execution and lyrics have an honesty to them that comes across as genuine and without any premeditation.  Lyrical content here is expressing disgust at a myriad of subjects such as sexism and religion. 

You'll get all the regulars here: two step parts, fast hardcore, a couple blast beats, a couple breakdowns, etc.  It's all wrapped up in a nice package with songs that flow quite well.

The waltz tempo of "Hallowed" changes things up for a bit, but doesn't sacrifice any intensity.  I'd be interested to see how this goes over in a live setting.

Check it out here.