Secret Arms - New Colonies

Secret Arms is from Miami, Florida.  They play a brand of hardcore that seems to rest somewhere between influences such as On The Might of Princes and Bullets In.  The production quality is pretty powerful here.  Some may not like the vocals sitting beneath the music, but here it seems to translate a nice power of the music.

You're in for a long ride here, as most of the songs in this collection break the four minute mark.  There's some very interesting melody within these songs and the vocals have a nice range between screaming and singing.  There are tempo changes all across the board and I must admit to liking when this band really plays on the upbeat (see "Thieves" for the best example of this).

You can't shake a stick at the musicianship here as all three of these guys seems to demonstrate a good knowledge of how to get around their respective instruments.  I wish the songs were a bit shorter at times, but I imagine in a live setting it most likely has a pretty powerful execution. 

Have a listen here.