Xaphan - 2012 Demo

Xaphan is ex members of a handful of 90's hardcore bands (Disembodied, Threadbare, 108 and others) who have gotten together to do something heavy and intense. 

Musically, we get a nice package of down-tuned, aggressive hardcore that seems to do a nice dance between time signatures including, but not limited to, sludge, blast beats and some mid tempo double bass moshy goodness. Proficient drumming provides a nice backbone while the the angry, blunt vocals rage over top.

I'm getting the impression that this was recorded in two separate sessions, as some of the songs seem to be a little uneven with the vocals being way above the music.  By the third song this all clears up and you get a nice healthy balance, but goes back to a little uneven by the fourth.  

Check it out here.