Ruined Families - Blank Language

From Greece, Ruined Families return with a new record and a recent tour around Western Europe.  The band has a pretty varied style that contains various tempos, time signatures, while borrowing from a few different genres.

They stay pretty aggressive for the most part but seem to intelligently insert nice melodic parts into the fold at appropriate times, creating some nice dynamic range. Musical range seems to go from metal-esque speed picking, to straight forward hardcore, to effects-ladden melodies.  It's all wrapped into a pretty effective package.

My only gripe here is the production quality.  The drums seem to have way too much reverb on them, so much so that at times I takes away from the other instrumentation and full song presentation.  My ears adjusted about 5 songs in, but I'd be interested to hear a cleaned up version of this.

Check it out here.