xRepetancex - In Violation of Asa

Imagine if the 2005 resurgence of 90's vegan straight edge metal was actual done well.  If xRepetancex is any indication , then 2013 could be a year where this style is going to be done with precision, attention to musicianship and an overwhelming dramatic lyrical execution.

There's always going to be a soft spot in my heart for bands like this, however this is the band that appears to be doing everything to the style's fullest potential, far exceeding their forefathers in tone, production and song writing. 

Picture "Life. Love. Regret." era Unbroken done with less noise, some better production and some more attention to intricate string work.  Desperately screamed vocals round off the team over pounding double bass. I'll be listening to this all week.

Check it out here.