Annie and the Bang Bang - S/T

Annie and the Bang Bang is the brain child of Annie Enneking who you may remmeber as the composer behind the "Fess Elliot:Real" record that I reviewed last year.  This self titled album features some of those same solo songs but adapted with electric guitar, bass and drums.  There's also some new additional tracks here to add to the library.

Though I was thoroughly impressed with the folk versions of some of these tunes the first time around, I have to say that the reinvention of these pieces are pretty outstanding.  There's definitely a mid 90's alternative rock sound to them, which would put this record right at home as the soundtrack to my flannel wearing younger days.

There's a still a large measure of dynamics here.  There's some upbeat tracks like "All the Girls", "Big Muff" and "Explode with Happy, Man!".  But, there's also some subdued tracks that keep things contemplative like "Billy Bones" "Go Pink" and "Dogs" (which carries a very powerful payoff featuring strong vocals and distorted guitar).  "Shake Me" incorporates the best of both worlds as the song seems to work as a constant build up piece that provokes a sort of tension.

It's hard not to compare the early versions with these new ones, however both stand on their own ground.  The haunting melody on "Dickless Boy" comes across even more powerful here with it's discordant guitar work before we seen a nice return to the subdued and effortlessly beautiful sound of "Funeral for Fun".

An impressive and well executed reworking here that is worthy of your attention.   Listen to it here.