Distopia - Errantes En Un Mundo Dominado Por Presuntas Certezas

Distopia is a vegan straight edge band from Santiago, Chile that play a politically infused brand of raging d-beat mixed with some noisy hardcore. 

The recording quality may take a second to adjust to. Specifically, the reverb ladden snare sound is misleading at first.  Once I became acquainted with it I was able to follow the song structures and riffs a little better.

There's 5 songs here that never really take a second to slow down.  The screamed vocals and high gain guitar rip through the soundscape with blistering desperation. The subtle melodic quality to the guitar gives this an epic feel at times, in addition to the tasteful addition of discordant shreeks that emphasize some of the breakdowns.

Pretty intense stuff.  Check it out here.