Fox Moulder - Lethe

Fox Moulder come to use from Toronto and have fashioned a sound that seems to be heavily influenced by bands like One Eye God Prophecy and Orchid.  Dark, heavy guitars take the center stage here, backed by distorted bass and heavy cymbal wash.  The vocals come in the form a throaty shout that doesn't go to over the top, but still maintains a nice feeling of desperation fitting for the music.

For the most part the band is moving pretty fast with technical chaos throughout rapid time changes.  Though, this can slow down and getting very groove oriented, such as in the final seconds of "Hum" where the breakdown will have you thinking of a Kaospilot/Orchid sort of vibe. 

The more melodic aspects show through on a song like "Havelock" in which the guitar suspends the chaos for a while and detours into a nice waterfall of picked out chords.  Things close up with "Endless/Blameless" which seems to take all the aspects mentioned before and put them into one solid package. 

Check these guys out on their upcoming east coast tour.  Listen to the record here.