Capsule - [A]

Capsule forego some of their older, busier work in favor of focusing on heavy, sludgy riffs piloted mostly by down tuned guitars and lose, single notes. Despite the slow pace, things still remain pretty interesting as the time signatures take you down a different road than the usual road map for this type of playing.

The guitars do take center stage here, but that's not to exclude the well executed bass and drum foundation that glues it all together. There's some glimmer of faster chaos in parts of "III" and "IV" that show some spastic drum work, though it retains it's focused, solid execution throughout.

The vocals seemed to take the back seat, as their just audible enough to know that they're present, almost falling into the background.  The addition of a cavernous reverb adds to this feel.  The production value here is pretty impressive and you get a monster of a sound.

Listen to it here.