Chaotic Neutral - Living with Neighbors

Holy shit.  Here's a band doing that whole 80's throwback thing in an interesting way that blends more modern aspects of melody and noise in with the standard formulas.  Chaotic Neutral is from Indianapolis, Indiana.  Their sound is definitely defined by some faster, older hardcore, but take a listen and see how this team is interweaving their own influences to create an interesting sound.

The production quality is an extremely in your face mix that puts emphasis on the guitars, almost creating a wall of noise feel at times.  It's a thick sound that adds a more ferocious mood to this style. 

There's no lyrics included on the bandcamp page, so I'm going to have sought them out.  I'm definitely interested in what is being screamed about so desperately here. The song structures on this one seem to be very well thought out.  The band seems to be very coherent that this style can be killed by repetition, and so does their best to keep things moving from a nice selection of tempos, instrumentation and pauses. 

Listen to it here.