Hate Vacation - Vol. 1

Hate Vacation (formerly Cowboy Boys) are from Philadelphia and feature ex and current members of Storm The Bastille, Holy Death and others. They carry a sound similar to bands like Botch and The Minor Times, though perhaps with a bit more rawness and attention to chaos that has me leaning more towards a comparison to Rats Into Robots or Bleeding Kansas as well.

These are six songs of fast changing time signatures, guitars that trade off each other nicely and vocals that project the sort of scream that sounds genuine and honest.  For the most part these tunes clock in at under two minutes, so you get a lot in a short amount of time.  Though, the band hasn't snubbed the listener; this songs are packed to capacity with time changes, starts/stops and a flow that keeps things interesting at all times.

Things slow down for the closer "Of Mice" which crawls along with an unsettling melody and clocks in at about three minutes. I'm thoroughly impressed with the song writing here and I'm glad someone is doing this style with such precision and well thought out movements.

Listen to the whole thing here.