Very Rare - Demo 2012

It's sort of hard to place the sound of Very Rare.  They're from Brooklyn and at times tend to fall into a bit of that regurgitated "raw punk" trend that's happening there on a couple of these tracks.  Though, they pull out a bit more of a melodic card on a couple of these tunes to set themselves apart. They continue to further stretch the canvas adding some elements of chaos and break downs.

Song like "Shareholders" and "Wasting Nothing" bring an almost Samiam-ish quality to the band with some interesting and catchy melodic guitar/vocal work. "Ajax" has more of a chaotic break down feel to it that highly contrasts against the previous songs. They return to this style for their closer "Strange Ways". I have to admit to liking these four tracks the best out of the bunch.  They have character and some individualist shine to them that puts them above the set.

Nothing is breaking the 2 minute mark here, so the songs come and go pretty quickly.  You never feel like the entire composition hasn't been fully realized though.  Each song seems to carry a fair amount of peaks and valleys. Definitely a mixed bag of tricks here that can keep the listener on their toes.

Listen to it here.