Centuries - Patsy O'Hara split

This is the Centuries side of the Centuries/Patsy O'Hara split.  If I can track down the Patsy O'Hara material I will post that as well.  In the meantime, here's Centuries. 

I'm hearing dark hardcore with a heavy, epic feel.  Influences that sort of come to mind are Majority Rule and older Envy mixed with some older Tragedy material. They start you off nice and slow with a building, melodic piece before firing off into some faster material.

Dark guitars, screaming vocals, distorted bass and pounding drums are blended nicely in the mix here with production that really translates what you can imagine this band sounding like in a live setting. You can almost close your eyes and picture a bunch of full stacks blaring at 10.

"Dusk" was the most impressive track to me due to it's versatility.  They seemed to have peaked on this track by seamlessly integrating their fast, d-beat influenced material with some slower, more melodic pieces.

Check it out here.