Chambers / The Death of Anna Karina - split LP

Chambers have an interesting sound that incorporates a very matter of fact vocal style over top of some of slightly dirty tunes that keep a melodic, yet edgy tone to them.  I can't help but think this what Yage would sound like if they sang in Italian.  There's a little bit of Raein sound in here too at times when things take on a more rock and roll approach to them. Mildy distorted guitars with big chords are on display for most of the duration while the busy drums keep the tempo moving and interesting. At times the vocals take on a chanting style to them that can create a pretty nice dynamic (see "Le facce uguali di due medaglie diverse").

The Death of Anna Karina come out of the gates with an upbeat track that features a nice catchy hook. Their sound is a bit more on the straight forward rock side of things, though the tones of the guitars and taseful drum work are similar to Chambers in some respects.  The vocal delivery is a bit screamier here though and works to make the more straigh forward style more intense. Picture Amanda Woodward meets the Goodtime Boys and you start to get an idea of what's going on here. "E poi niente" almost shows the band totally change gears as they throw out a bit of fast paced d-beat influenced material. They return for their five minute finale "Labile" with it's epic qualities, including a series of peaks and valleys. 

Listen to it all here.