Cheap Art - Descocialized

Cheap Art is from Atlanta Georgia and you can define them as a band that crafts shorts songs that are full of smooth transitions, angry screams, overdriven guitars and fast paced drumming.  Power violence?  I guess you could call it that too. 

There seems to be a trade off of lead vocals between distinct male and female screams.  It provides a nice versatility.  In addition to their blazing fast blast beat frenzies, Cheap Art can dose out a nice breakdown every now and then.  They also have a tendencies to throw in smaller discordant bridges that employ some more experimental guitar work. 

The production is extremely raw and fuzzy which adds a certain aesthetic to the presentation. Perhaps without the under-production this may have lost some of it's authenticity of time and place. In most cases I would be upset, but here it seems to fit well.

Listen to it here.