Edhochuli - S/T 2013

I caught Edhochuli play last weekend down in Lancaster and the band totally blew me away.  Having never heard them before I went in with no expectations.  They exceeded every possible hope I could have had for discovering a new band. 

Musically, Edhochuli seem to have nol imitations.  They have a large 70's rock influence that's meshed with a great screamy hardcore underside.  The technicality of each musician is pulled off wonderfully and tastefully.  No one is stealing the show here, but rather each instrument is working toward emphasizing the overall presentation of these songs. It pays off, as this some of the most interesting stuff I've heard as of late.

Strap in for a ride, because these songs are long (think anything from 4 - 8 minutes), but you'll never get bored or feel like they are overstaying their welcome.

Listen to it here.