Hell Mary - Forever on the Fence

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the artwork.  I don't know, something about the mix of boobs and blood just rubs me the wrong way.  Perhaps I'm uncomfortable with death and sexuality crashing into each other on the same medium.

That said, Hell Mary are from North Jersey and play an interesting brand of hardcore that moves swiftly and keeps your attention. Picture something that would fit in well on Bridge 9 Records, but with a little more thought put into it's construction. It's executed almost perfectly with a nice combination of catchy/straight forward hardcore mixed with some parts that don't exactly follow the usual formula.

The guitars are thick, the drums are booming and the vocals have a great variation that go from inspired speaking to angry shouts. You can find yourself singing along after a listen or two. Hell Mary seems to stand out to me more than any of the bands in this genre, they have something setting them apart. They're the type of band that works as a full functioning machine that seems to rely on all of their contributions to make their sound complete.

Typically the songs are staying under 2 minutes, so the band seems to have become well versed in packing a good amount of movement into a small frame of time.  I keep thinking of describing this as "Hardcore music for people who are tired of what most other hardcore bands have to offer". 

Check it out here.