How Will We Cross the Seas? - Official Soundtrack

According to Director (and former Rapid Cities bassist) Shaun Seneviratne "How Will We Cross the Seas? is a 16mm short film about communication and empathy; the pursuit of happiness; and the fear of dying alone."

The soundtrack boasts a nice roster of DIY artists that fall more to the indie and folk side of the spectrum. Real Good offers the most upbeat track of the bunch, "Sysiphean" which appeared on their demo last year. 

Dark Moses and Coomunipaw provide the lighter, folk side of things with their contempary indie sounds, while Brothers McGrath provide a few atmospheric pieces that would provide great back drop for introspection in the heavier scenes.  Their last track "Homeward" actually draws a nice comparison to Tristeza in some ways. 

Based on the soundtrack I'm interested to see the film in it's entirety.   You can listen to the whole thing here