Lighthouses - Black Letter Day

At first, Lighthouses reminded me of what would happen if you mixed Apart with Explosions in the Sky.  The two opening tracks have a grand, epic feel to them. The reverb and delay on the guitars emphasize that post rock influence while they fall in front of the large room sound of the drums.  The second track picks things up into a screaming mass of chaos, and while you think this transition would be awkward, it actually comes across with some ease.

Once you move into the third track though they take a more Touche Amore influenced sound with an upbeat tempo and very deliberate lyrical delivery.  As the tracks move on, you get a nice versatile musical prowess that can keep the listener interested. The vocal delivery at times becomes a little too similar to Touche Amore and I sort of prefer the points where we see exit into a more individualist characteristics of the band. There's some very unconventional transitions that I think normally wouldn't work, but for some reason Lighthouses has a steady handle on them.

Production wise I would have hoped to have the vocals down just a touch, as they tend to smother the composition at times.  All in all, the band seems to have found a very nice balance between delving into the sound of some of the more popular younger bands and perhaps asserting their own instrumental maturity that will set them apart. 

Check it out here.