Old Soul - Who Are Willing To Draw Close

Old Soul is fucking epic.  There's really no other way to describe this.  The band uses the age old technique of building you up and exploding into a massive wall of melody and intensity.

At times this reminds me of a more melodic Buried Inside, especially when things get slow and drawn out.  They have a few tricks up their sleeve though, and can easily jump into a mid tempo melody that will have you thinking of older Envy material.  There's even some semi d-beat sounding parts in there coupled with some nice dynamic breakdowns.  It's almost like this band has figured out a way to meld everything together but still sound totally cohesive.

The production here lends itself extremely well to this back and forth of clean, introspective pieces that rage into all out distorted frenzy.   Why am I just finding out about this band?

Here the whole thing here