Patsy O'Hara - ....Sings the Bourgeois Blues

Ok, skip the first track..unless you want to hear 2:32 of drawn out noise that seems sort of nonsensically placed. 

Now that you've skipped the first track you can hear a d-beat, rock and roll influenced hardcore band blaring forward with a nice dark, yet melodic sense that seems solid and hard hitting. The instrument tone here is bright; you hear the clanky bass provided a bit of a percussive component to the background. About two minutes into the first track the band shows that they aren't a one trick pony.  The musical stop/start drum and bass line fills in nicely over the melodically strummed guitar chords.  

The band continues to rage on in the same demeanor for the duration of the album, showing a nice versatility in their musicianship. "Ardnaxela" has a great melodic introduction that crawls into a nice palm muted stomp.  It's catchy and it works for me on many levels.  As things move on I get the impression of what would happen if you took older Baroness material and mixed it with some mid paced d-beat.  "Ocean to Ocean" kind of reminds of a successful version of what Modern Life is War meant to do when they tried to write "Midnight in America".

"No Witness But The Moon" sort of comes out of nowhere and almost takes on the characteristics of some sort of Irish campfire instrumental. Its a perfect lead in to "12/12" which has a slow, powerful waltz outlining the songs verse/chorus structure. 

I hope to find out more about this band and seek out their side of the upcoming split with Centuries.

Listen to it here.