Quone - Demo

Quone is from Toronto and I'm told they feature members of Fox Moulder.  There are some similarities, though, Quone's dual guitar work is something to pay attention to.  At times some of the single notes can sound a bit too plucked (see "Bonesaw vs. Karl Malone"), and I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. Despite that, they still manage to create some nice texture and harmonies.

The bass and drum work is pretty solid, keeping the foundation for the songs intact.  Desperate vocals sprinkle over top, nicely placed into the mix.  Tempo changes are pretty common here and keep things interesting. 

AT times I'm reminded a bit of early 2000's Bay Area bands like Funeral Diner, Staircase and Under A Dying Sun.  The songs have a nice, subtle use of dynamics where the clean to heavy transition is less drastic and more natural. 

Check it out here.