For Want Of - Smoke

For Want Of returns with these long awaited eight songs that are collected together under the title "Smoke". The band seems to pick up where they left off, expanding on their own brand of chaotic masterpiece. 

What I really love about For Want Of is their ability to intelligently blend a good dose of chaos with aspects of a very "matter of fact" vocal style. You can find yourself catching on to some of the words without consulting the lyric sheet; though this doesn't compromise the extreme song structure or rapid pace of the delivery. The musicianship here is spot on.  The guitars and drums work extremely well together.  The 'pull of note' guitar style is littered through out the record, while hyper active drums compliment each note.

Just about every song stays below the two minute mark, but I feel fully satisfied in the contents of each package. The band subtly pulls off a good use of dynamics by ringing out chords or  slowing down the drums, all at some nice key moments.  On some songs there is a bit of a buried melodic vocal that, for the most part, sounds like a held out bellow of the chord being played.  I think the songs could have stood without this extra vocal, though it's not really taking away from the experience persay. The standout tracks here for me are "Golden Cages" and "Mentors", though, the whole record is a well oil machine.

For Want Of will be heading out on tour this summer and I am very excited to see these songs pulled off in a live setting.

Two of the songs are posted here.