Reptilian Shape Shifters / Light Theives split 7"

A split 7" between two noisier, interesting bands from the West Coast.  I stumbled upon this after hearing that Reptilian Shape Shifters are making their way out east this summer. 

RSS has an interesting two piece sound of guitar and drums sprinkled with some versatile vocal work.  With spurts of mathy, technical work interlaced with more drawn out large chords, the band seems to keep things moving and interesting.  They never get too caught up in the math, keeping a nice attention to the groove of the songs.  It's great stuff that I would be interested to see pulled off in a live setting.

Light Thieves are much slower and atmospheric, drawing into more of a post rock, space age sound.  There's tons of delay pedals and reverb happening here to communicate that big room sound.  The vocals have a very watery drawn out feel to them that adds to the whole effect. 

Have a listen here.