Atlas - With Love, Evelyn McHale

I recently saw Atlas play at a small VFW hall for the first time.  Perhaps it was the intimacy of the venue or the way that each band member seemed to fully embrace the power of each note, but this band was really something. The recording is good, don't get me wrong, but this group is definitely a live experience.

Atlas will give you something in the late 90's rock neighborhood, at times reminding me of At The Drive In, Walleye and sometimes Texas Is the Reason.  The instrumentation is creative and the presentation shows a good deal of thought and consideration. 

The gang vocals used on some of these songs is extremely well done and placed in a way where they're not overused or sound forced.  It's a nice touch and adds a bit more intensity to some of the compositions.  A good job all around here.

Have a listen here.