Crash Of Rhinos - Knots

Similar to some recent bands like Atlas and Resorvior, Crash of Rhinos is doing a melodic, rocking sound that doesn't skimp on creativity and bold musicianship.  For the most part it's upbeat (with some small breaks, ie "Everything Is"), but has a dynamic quality to it that keeps things interesting. Some of it actually brings up similarities to like Benton Falls or Ethel Messerve at times. 

There are two lead vocalists that tend to switch off between songs.  The gruffer, dirtier vocals carry a Small Brown Bike/Hot Water Music sort of vibe, while the cleaner vocal work is more reminiscent of some of the 90's work of bands like Garden Variety or Farside.

The production lends itself well to a large, roomy sound.  There's great pronunciation of all the instrumentation, and really shows how each pieces works off of the whole composition. The songs are pretty lengthy, so you may get overwhelmed.  Take it slow. 

Listen to the whole thing here.