Locktender - Kafka

From the band's page:
"Five songs inspired by Franz Kafka’s lesser known, short proverbial works called “The Zürau Aphorisms.” While our songs focus on and borrow from only five of the aphorisms, there are 109 total that Kafka wrote while staying in Zürau over the winter of 1917-1918, published posthumously in 1931. The collection covers a vast range of topics and styles, is beautiful, contemplative, entertaining and insightful. The proverbs we have chosen attracted us particularly for their simplicity, beauty, openness to personal interpretation and in some ways, their obscurity."

Philosophercore?  Ok. Sure.  Locktender are back with a new record which further emphasizes their heaviness of their last release.  There's still a nice Buried Inside influence happening here, but perhaps with a little Majority Rule/Textbook Traitors/Caught in the Fall influence thrown into the mix.

The main vocal is a little bit too metal in it's delivery at times for me, but it doesn't spoil the feast..and after a while my ears adjusted, hearing it as part of the whole composition.  The vocalist seems to have a good sense of when to hang back and when to rage full throttle into the depths of these songs. There's a second vocalist doing some more melodic work that plays it's cards perfectly adding just enough extra contrast.

Each track is a bit of a journey, ranging in length from 4 to 11 minutes.  You'll hear a whirlwind of guitar saturation dynamically employed with clean delay soaked notes.  The drum and bass work here is solid, creating a heavy backbone.  The song writing here is top notch, using a good dose of dramatic buildups,chaos and interludes to build character. An epic masterpiece for sure.

Listen to it here