Gouge Away - Demo 2013

Gouge Away is from Washington DC and play an exciting, upbeat brand of punk/hardcore with a melodic tone to it.  The songs have a great 'get up and go' feel to them with a great urgency. Fans of the Ebullition/Kirsh sound will enjoy this and perhaps if you're into an angrier, heavier version of Swiz or Dag Nasty you'll be able to get down with this.

The distinguishing characteristic here seems to be how the guitars are working.  One guitar seems to focus on raging out the standard three or four chords, while the other is always experimenting with a noisier, lead part.  It creates a nice, consistent mix that keeps the verse/chorus format interesting and fresh.

The recording has a nice, bright sound which seems to emphasize the urgency even more.  There's a tasteful flanger effect on the guitar that doesn't distract the listener, but actually seems to work well.  Trebly, sparkling bass tone holds up the back end adding more dimension to the overall sound.

Have a listen here.