Raised By Wolves - Born Blind

Raised By Wolves have a recording sound that makes me feel like this could have been recorded back in 1996.  I mean that as a good thing.  It's raw and honest, which personally I prefer this particular type of hardcore to not be too polished.

Raised By Wolves are a heavy hardcore band that seem to move back and forth between modern hardcore bands and some of the more classic 90's style.  "Quitting Time" is more of an onslaught of moshy, angry madness, whereas "Rescue" shows the bands more melodic sensibilities. 

I'm impressed by the delivery.  The vocals come off as honest with their throaty desperation and well placed cadence. All the right ingredients are there to make this a catchy couple of songs for fans of Have Heart, Snapcase, Insurrection, etc.

Listen to it here.