Aspergers / 1849 split 7

Aspergers are back with more of their chaotic early 2000's sound, though the band is pushing the envelope extra hard here on what they can do with the sound and genre. There's some great moments of using dynamics to translate some extra dramatic song engineering.  You'll also find some moments of intense driving melody that are executed very well.  There's less of the heavier chugging guitar than their previous material, but it's more than made up for. Incoherent screaming, high gain guitars, chaotic's all there and it works.  

1849's recording quality leaves a little something to be desired compared to the production on the Aspergers material, so it may take your ears a second to adjust.  1849 play a more straight forward take on the screamier hardcore genre, playing something a little bit more similar to mid 90's bands like Embassy or Schema and perhaps similar to modern bands like Nurture. It's a bit minimalist at times in it's presentation with a very stripped down sound. 

Have a listen here.